HyCarb, Inc. Joins the 2013 Incubation Network of the Year

May 29, 2014

HyCarb, Inc., received early acceptance into the University of Central Florida Business Incubation Program (UCFBIP), because of the vast potential for HyCarb’s licensed patents from UCF and HyCarb’s plans for bringing these technologies to market. UCFBIP was founded in 1999. The National Business Incubation Association awarded the UCFBIP the 2013 “Incubator Network of the Year”.

HyCarb, Inc., chose to work with UCFBIP in order to be close to the talent pool and resources of the University of Central Florida. We are excited to be a member of this leading incubation program that has had the outstanding success rate of over 80% of their businesses during the last 15 years.