HyCarb Works With NPX to Film Crowd Funding Video

October 20, 2014

HyCarb, Inc. hired National Park Experience (NPX) to create a social funding video for Indiegogo. This is the first time Sigrid Cottrell and Andrew Heath have ever been in front of the camera in order to share their vision and mission to create a better battery to improve our use of energy on the planet. Please support this crowd funding campaign to help HyCarb build 5 prototype coin cell batteries that will charge 5x faster, last 5x longer, triple the battery life (charge/discharge cycles), plus are safer (won’t catch fire) and are environmentally friendly (less toxic and up to 99% recyclable). HyCarb is excited to use Indiegogo as our funding platform because indiegogo.com promotes leading-edge technologies to their community of like-minded, tech-savvy, early-adopters.

HyCarb is pleased with the filming and editing capabilities of NPX. We hope you agree that the team at NPX helped capture HyCarb’s commitment to improving the environment with their creative use of filmmaking. Thank you.

NPX core values: “We believe strongly in a team that collaborates and innovates; communicates clearly, professionally, and respectfully, even when under pressure; empowers each other to contribute and grow; holds each other accountable; and commits to NPX’s mission to engage more Americans with the National Park Experience.”