HyCarb, Inc…. Implementing Solutions to Pollution!

HyCarb, Inc…. Implementing Solutions to Pollution!

May 7, 2015

Approximately 10.8 Billion batteries end up in landfills across the United States every year. In order to reduce the number of batteries that end up in the garbage, HyCarb, Inc., is now building a better rechargeable battery that will last five times (5X) longer, charge five times (5X) faster, is less toxic, won’t catch fire, and is up to 99% recyclable.

Right now we need help from consumers, like you, that want to help minimize the carbon footprint and assist HyCarb, in bringing this next generation, “Eco-Battery” , to market. Our battery will extend the charge of your favorite electronic devices, and enhance their performance so you can have a more enjoyable experience without worrying about losing power.

HyCarb’s battery technology is ultra-light weight and can be made into any size, shape, or form. This makes HyCarb’s batteries a great fit for all of the emerging innovations in technology. (Electric vehicles, commercial drones, cell phones, laptops & tablets, watches, wearable electronics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and much, much, more!)

HyCarb, Inc. has launched a successful crowdfunding campaign to complete 5 different coin-cell batteries to show the superior performance of HyCarb’s battery technology to large companies and investors. With your help & support you will be part of bringing to market the next-generation battery… by the people, for the people.

Any monetary contribution on your part, big or small, makes a difference and is very much appreciated! Please follow this link to HyCarb’s website http://www.hycarbinc.com to view our crowdfunding video and click the donate now button to link to our campaign. Or go directly to Indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/project/hycarb-inc-the-better-battery-lasts-5x-longer/embedded

As a Perk, for every $1 you donate, HyCarb will plant 1 Maya Nut Tree in rural villages. This will provide a source of shade & food for people much less fortunate than ourselves. In addition it will suck CO2 out of the air which reduces everyone’s carbon footprint. Please help us change history by gifting ($10 or more) today and asking two friends to do the same. The future is NOW!

Thank you, in advance!