HyCarb In Negotiations with a New Energy Group

December 6, 2014

HyCarb Inc., continues negotiations with an undisclosed Energy Group to accelerate HyCarb’s advanced batteries into the marketplace. The Energy Group has offered their global network of investors, manufactures, marketing and sales teams, clients and consumers in order to help HyCarb build and distribute our energy storage technologies, starting with batteries.

Under the working agreement that is still in draft form, the Energy Group will be responsible for sourcing 3rd party funding from accredited investors, sourcing 3rd party manufacturing, setting up sales teams for distributed and direct sales, sourcing 3rd party processing & distribution facilitators, and other business related activities. All facets of the creation and distribution of HyCarb’s energy storage devices shall be approved of by HyCarb to ensure the highest level of safety, quality, and customer service possible.