HyCarb Hires Electrochemical Company to Fabricate First Coin Cell Prototype

January 20, 2015

HyCarb, Inc. just solidified our relationship with a non-disclosed electrolyte company that has a special formulation of electrolyte that meets the specific needs of HyCarb’s prototype coin cell battery. This special electrolyte provides added safety to HyCarb’s batteries, because, it withstands high temperature without catching fire and is less toxic than other battery electrolytes. Once the formulation has been fine-tuned to optimize the performance of HyCarb’s batteries, we will begin building 10 additional prototypes for cell phones, computers, hand held devices, and electric vehicle batteries. These prototypes will be submitted to national and international certification laboratories for approval to begin production and distribution of HyCarb’s new, advanced batteries to the public. HyCarb’s leading-edge technologies will allow our batteries to charge 5x faster, last 5x longer, triple the battery life (charge/discharge cycles), be safer, less toxic and up to 99% recyclable versus current lithium ion batteries.

HyCarb, Inc., is building a better battery made and manufactured in the United States of America. HyCarb’s innovative technologies will help minimize our carbon-footprint and help begin a movement to bring green energy to market as a viable, necessary improvement to current technologies. HyCarb, Inc. is committed to providing technical solutions to pollution that will allow us to continue enjoying every modern day convenience.