HyCarb Executives Travel to Silicon Valley to Meet With Several Advance Materials and Electronics Companies

November 12, 2014

Ms. Cottrell, HyCarb, Inc., CEO, and Mr. Heath, HyCarb, Inc., President, participated in the Industrial Technology Expo (IdTechEx) for Printed Electronics, USA, Energy Harvesting and Storage, USA, Supercapcitors, USA, Graphene Live and 2-D Materials, USA, 3-D Printing Live, USA, Wearable Electronics Live, USA, and the Internet of Things Applications, USA, Santa Clara, California.

HyCarb, Inc., met with global suppliers, manufactures, and buyers from many of the promising new hyper-growth industries. The advanced nature of HyCarb’s licensed patents put us at the forefront of the next-wave of consumer electronics. HyCarb will be able to improve upon current energy harvesting, energy storage, sensors, data collection technologies, and micro-scale computing devices that were showcased at IdTechEx USA 2014. We look forward to developing win-win relationships with all the companies that HyCarb was able to meet.