HyCarb Executives See A Bright Future for Stationary and Mobile Fuel Cell Applications

November 2, 2014

Ms. Cottrell, HyCarb, Inc., CEO, and Mr. Heath, HyCarb, Inc., President, attended the Fuel Cell Seminar and Energy Exposition, Los Angeles, California. During the conference, HyCarb Inc., was able to meet with strategic partners to move both stationary and mobile fuel cells into the marketplace at an accelerated rate. There is a synergy between HyCarb’s licensed patents and both on-site, clean energy production, and zero-emission vehicle power units. HyCarb’s technologies can be developed to meet several different needs from hydrogen sensors to hydrogen purification to hydrogen storage to electrodes for fuel cells and electrolyzers.

Ms. Cottrell and Mr. Heath were able to take an industry tour of a few of the operational hydrogen refueling stations, “zero-e” stationary power plants and waste-to-energy sites. HyCarb looks forward to developing innovative products to meet the needs of the emerging “Hydrogen Economy”.

“The vision of the Fuel Cell Seminar & Exposition is to be the premier international gathering of the Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy industries and their customers and stakeholders.”