The Beginning of Greatness

March 9, 2014

HyCarb, Inc., incorporated in the State of Florida as a spin-out company utilizing graphene and carbon nanotube technologies developed at the University of Central Florida (UCF). Graphene is a two dimensional (2-D) nanoscale material made up of a single layer of carbon atoms. Carbon nanotubes are single or multiple layers of graphene rolled into tubes. Both graphene and carbon nanotubes are advanced materials that have the promise of greatly improving the capabilities of renewable energy systems, energy storage devices, sensors, transistors, computers, and many other technologies. HyCarb, Inc.’s initial focus will be on creating exciting, innovative, new prototypes for energy storage devices and sensors.

The name “HyCarb” is a combination of the words “Hydrogen” and “Carbon”. Our mission is to find uses for carbon that are so valuable, that it makes no sense to waste it out our smokestacks and tailpipes. When we remove carbon from fossil fuels (hydrocarbons) we are left with hydrogen, a zero-emission fuel. This ties into HyCarb, Inc.’s vision of eliminating society’s “carbon-footprint” by creating new technologies that do not have an adverse effect on Earth’s environment.